Fun Club

The following is the process of link exchange with the Mumbai fun club


First of all, you need to apply an email to Anamika Singh with a request containing the address of your website and your email and mobile number and information about your website


When we receive your email, we will give you a banner or title or URL or a description of our website and you will have to link it to your web page.


When you see a link to our site on your site, you can inform us at our email address that we have provided a link to your site on our web page.


After this, you will have to give the URL or banner or title or your site details via our email and it will be linked to our website page.


We will never remove your link on our web page, but if you try to remove our backlink from your web page, the backlink we give you will be eliminated. Our team will check our backlink on your site every week.


Mumbai Fun Club hopes that you can become our best link partner you